Industry - Fibre & Wireless Internet


Committed to providing Cape Town with fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity by partnering with leading underlying infrastructure providers.



Faircom’s infrastructure boasts a direct connection to the London Internet Exchange, which is one of the largest data centers in the world. Utilising this connection Faircom can connect your business and home fibre packages via peering directly to all major international companies. Peering allows us to send your traffic across the shortest path, which lowers latency and increases speed. In short, for example, when using Google, we peer with them and you get a better, fast and more stable internet connection on all of their partners such as YouTube.

We are Faircom, an Internet service provider in Cape Town that works with Cape Town’s leading underlying infrastructure providers such as;

  • Frogfoot Fibre
  • Openserve
  • Thinkspeed
  • Octotel
  • Internect


  • Home Fibre
  • Commercial Fibre
  • Wireless Fibre
  • Wireless High Site Rental
  • VOIP Packages
  • Colocation Services