Inpower – Intelligent Power Solutions

InPower provides expert energy management services in Smart and Prepaid Electricity Metering, Solar Power, Power Management & Back-Up Power Solutions. InPower offers energy solutions to commercial, residential, and tenants in a multi-dwelling complex.



InPower is the leading Energy Management company in Cape Town. We provide services in Power Management, Diesel Generators and Renewable, Solar & Backup Power for Commercial, Industrial and Large-scale Residential estates.


InPower Solar & Backup

We are on a mission to Power the Western Cape using the very best solar PV products and a high level of expertise and service. 

We offer comprehensive renewable energy solutions for Commerical and Residential applications. Our goal is to empower South Africans by providing an alternative energy source as Eskom continues to fail businesses and destroy our economy and quality of life.

InPower Generators

We specialise in large-scale Commercial and Industrial Silent Diesel Generators. We offer a complete solution to your backup generator needs, including; Refueling services, Remote Management, Regular Maintenace and Leasing options. Power your Business and overcome the calamities of load shedding and a failing Power Grid. Our team will assist you to find your ideal Genset installation and will get you up and running in no time.

InPower Management

InPower Management is a utility management company run by a team of, multidisciplinary, engineers with a collective experience of over 39 years.  We specialise in Utility Managment and Metering solutions for Sectional Title Schemes, Commercial Buildings and Industrial Business Parks.

WE SAVE YOU MONEY! It’s as simple as that. Our team will assist you to find your energy management system which we help you to maintain and service which in turn saves you big money each month.