Industry - Water Utility Management

Water Utility Solutions

Provides innovative and sustainable turnkey water solutions including smart water metering installations and alternative water solutions all with the goal of conserving natural resources.


Water Utility Solutions

Water Utility Solutions is on a mission to save our natural resources and reduce property management costs by providing innovative and sustainable turnkey water solutions. Their aim is to save their customers both water and money. They also ensure your property is compliant with the latest municipal water by-laws. They have installed over 2000 water meters to date. The WUS team manage commercial, industrial, retail and residential projects for over 50 buildings in Cape Town. Water Utility Solutions also offer reverse osmosis, borehole, greywater and water filtration system project planning and execution. Water Utility Solutions has the experience and the expertise to deliver water solutions with excellence.


Smart Water Meters

Water Utility Solutions provide full installation, maintenance, and monitoring of Smart Water Meters. Their Smart Water Meters detect leaks & tampering with remote monitoring using the latest technology. They are the Water Metering company of choice for residential estates, commercial buildings and industrial parks.
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Pre-Paid Meters

Take control of your monthly budget! Water Utility Solutions provide full installation, maintenance & monitoring of prepaid water meters. The best option for sectional titles. Prepaid water meters allow users to purchase water when needed.

Water Management

Water Utility Solutions provide Turn-key utility solutions for residential, commercial, industrial & agricultural. They manage & maintain more than 50 buildings with 4000+ meter readings per month.

Alternative Water Supply

Reduce your municipal water reliance with Water Utility Solutions. They provide sustainable water solutions, boreholes and greywater systems, including filtration & reverse osmosis plants.

Leak Detection

Locate leaks in industrial, commercial, and residential settings using Water Utility Solution’s advanced acoustic leak detection technology.
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