39 years of excellence from the Faircape Group

The Faircape Group's portfolio of businesses have operated, complemented, and worked in perfect harmony with one another for 39 years. 

What’s our secret?

The Faircape Group is a preeminent name in retirement living, healthcare, and infrastructure services. What began as a small construction company in Cape Town more than three decades ago has grown exponentially into a large, successful, thriving business that now boasts a staff component of almost 1000 people spread across its numerous business entities.

The Faircape Group Ecosystem

The Faircape Group’s portfolio of businesses have operated, complemented, and worked in perfect harmony with one another for 39 years.  A consistent commitment to excellence and success points to a coordinated approach to long-term growth and development for the business. Our presence in several sectors, including real estate, healthcare, hospitality, and utility management, is evidence of this.

“Every unit in the portfolio is part of an ecosystem. Each one meeting a specific need in the property development industry. It’s not about diversification, it’s about growth.”

Faircape Life Retirement

Faircape Life’s six luxury retirement villages, spread across the Western Cape, provides holistic wellness, companionship, and a strong sense of community. Our villages are conveniently located near a variety of lifestyle amenities and facilities. Discover the pinnacle of luxury retirement living at Faircape Life.

Faircape Health & Rehabilitation

Faircape Health and Rehabilitation is a leading private healthcare provider. Located in each of our six retirement communities, Faircape Health is committed to providing excellence in Healthcare and Physical Rehabilitation.


Faircom is a fast, reliable, and affordable internet service provider. Faircom collaborates with underlying infrastructure providers to provide exceptional connectivity.


InPower, Intelligent Power Solutions, specialises in smart and prepaid electricity metering, solar power, power management, and backup power solutions. Commercial, residential, and tenants of multi-dwelling complexes can all benefit from InPower’s energy solutions.

Water Utility Solutions

Water Utility Solutions employs a sustainable approach to water management. Their turnkey water solutions are innovative and sustainable, and include smart water metering installations and alternative water solutions.

CCTV Technologies

CCTV Technologies uses cutting-edge equipment and technology to protect the things you value most. They specialise in installation and monitoring services for gated communities, commercial and industrial business parks, and healthcare facilities throughout the Western Cape.                                 

FMS Property Managers

FMS Property Managers provides full property development and management services.  Their dedicated services include maintaining compliance, a scheme’s financial stability, and asset development. With over 35 years of experience in property development and management, they are experts in the property portfolio management industry.

FMS Sales & Leasing

FMS Sales & Leasing adheres to the highest industry standards while maintaining a client-centered approach. Their tried-and-true method of block specialisation means they are able to offer unparalleled insight into market dynamics for all buyers, sellers and renters.

Our success recipe.

In these times where nothing seems certain, one thing is. The Faircape Group could not have reached the stratospheric heights it has without amazing staff. We believe that putting excellent people in the right place is the key to our success.

At the Faircape Group, we value honesty and integrity. The level of excellence we provide to our clients is only possible with a team that shares these values. We believe that we are only as strong as our teams, and the success of our teams depends on our ability to communicate in an open, transparent, and honest environment. Open communication and transparency are critical components of the services provided by all Faircape Group entities.

Excellence since 1984.

At 39 years young, the Faircape Group is only just getting started. For us, the sky will never be the limit. 

“With the right people around you, you’ll always be prepared.” 

– Mike Vietri, Faircape Group CEO

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