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Efficiency leads to productivity at Faircape

In an office environment, embracing healthy habits and utilising technology in your daily routine can have numerous benefits for your productivity. Finding the balance in your workday means setting up your environment for maximum efficiency. Being productive during the entire day is not completely possible, but there are ways in which you can take control of your productivity to ensure you reach your goals.

Distractions rob us of time; it takes approximately 23 minutes to refocus on a task once we have been interrupted. At Faircape, we continually strive to create a positive work environment where each individual can thrive professionally and personally. With tools for productivity, employees can be more engaged and focused. 

Digital Desktops

Digital tools, applications, and systems in the workplace can eliminate processes that were once manual and time-consuming. Software, platforms, and applications enhance the capabilities of any business.

Faircape’s mission, To empower, train and motivate our staff to deliver excellent customer service through the use of innovative technology and efficient operational systems.’ is evident in our ways of working. We foster daily collaboration and integration through the use of Google Workspace. 

A platform we are all familiar with, Google apps are intuitive, and when working as a team, the integration capabilities make it easy to see what’s being done, find and revert changes, and get it all done in real time without waiting for different users to save their changes. Knowing that processes are automated relieves stress and eases tension. Research has shown that employees feel they are able to be more efficient in their roles with the aid of technology, which greatly impacts their feelings of job satisfaction and mental health. 

Technological Innovation at Faircape

By adopting collaborative tools and automating processes, we are able to be more thorough, and eliminate human error. Our vision, To consistently achieve a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, enabling us to deliver an exceptional customer experience, is clear in the innovations we have adopted across our business entities.

FMS Property Managers use WeConnectU, to manage their day-to-day operations. An end-to-end system for managing community schemes, rental portfolios, and the inspection and maintenance of units in our portfolio, the platform provides Portfolio Managers, trustees, Body corporates, and owners with access to all records relating to a property. 

In our utilities division, InPower and Water Utility Solutions have developed applications to assist in the management and monitoring of electricity and water consumption. InPower’s Meter app, available for residents of Noordhoek Manor, reads the installed meters remotely. The app allows residents to view their individual daily, weekly, and monthly electricity usage statistics in real-time. The app has aided in a 50% decrease in total energy consumption at the village overall.

Water Utility Solutions’s WaterEye app, effortlessly integrates with our state-of-the-art KamStrup Smart Water Meters. The app assists commercial, industrial, and residential consumers to measure, manage, and improve their overall water consumption. The app’s real time monitoring is able to detect leaks and abnormalities as and when they happen, and WUS is then able to notify customers and respond accordingly.

In other parts of the business, workflow is managed through project management software. Asana, a task management and workflow app, is used by Faircape’s Marketing team. This software enables the team to stay on top of tasks and collaborate seamlessly across multiple projects. 

Faircape uses the Kisi app to ensure our safety and security. Kisi, a cloud-based door access control and security solution, eliminates the outdated security system of keycards and FOB tags. Automated processes are more accurate, improving overall business  productivity. The technology adopted throughout the Faircape Group enhances our  business initiatives and speaks to our values, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Communication. 

Fostering collaboration between employees, improving customer satisfaction, driving revenue, eliminating wasteful inefficiencies and building a stronger company culture is a driving force behind Faircape Group’s motto, Committed to Excellence.

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